Cooking with your child

The Interesting Experience When Cooking with Toddlers

Cooking with your child

Cooking is a messy activity, but it is pretty interesting. The most is only to prepare one or two dishes to eat along the road. With a simple meal, you can send your kids to play while you are cooking. Nevertheless, if there is a forethought meal, you can consider to allow your children to join. Yes, you’ll be able to take a little time for cooking, but the children will have a great experience throughout it.

Parents can connect plenty of disciplines throughout cooking with toddlers. There is not simply creating a specific food, but you can still teach them to follow in a scientific way. The children will learn the time-counting skills, the creativity, the fundamental math, the selection of foods,…, especially, the relationship between mother and kid also becomes more cohesive. Actually, nothing is awesome compared to cooking with toddlers, right?

Cooking with Toddlers – Nothing Short of Awesome

Action in a Scientific Manner

Even though the kids don’t likely grasp the complicated problems that are explained by the chemical things, they will put a myriad of questions related to the preparation and the way to cook. What is going to happen if you add a lot of baking powder to your bread? We don’t likely add salt to the dough to make cookies, do we? And more.

Follow the basic things

Basic Math

While you are preparing the ingredients for your recipe, you can tell a detailed way on the added things. Frequently, the recipes will consist of the fractions, along with the measured ingredients in the volume (both dry and wet) and the weight. When the kids have contacted these ideas as well as they are seen the real number in the life, this one contributes to set up a fundamental foundation on math for children.

Understanding Time

The concept related to time is not easy to grasp, especially, for the kids. Nonetheless, setting a timer and waiting for its alert will be a real experience that your children will begin forming the basic understanding on the abstract things.

Pre-Literacy & Reading Foundations

Instead of telling a story in order to increase the vocabulary for kids, you can loudly read your recipes. Like that, thanks to listening to the new words, you will put themselves in the different instructions. When you read from top to bottom or from left to right, you should press and reinforce the fundamental literacy. For kids, there is a new format so as to practice the ability to read through the recipes.

The healthy food choice

Select the Healthy Foods

Yes, the children also want to know which foods are good and bad. It is necessary to guide a good food for kids because they often eat something that they are holding on their hand even when they only hold without tasting. Picking up the healthy foods (salty, sweet, or fatty) when preparing or while cooking contributes to building a healthy habit before eating. Of course, this one will still be continued until they have grown.

Make Confidence

Let’s try the simple recipes without too complicated! For the preschoolers or toddlers, the first is to have to set up something success what they can perform and build themselves for a meal. Like that, their confidence will be formed. There is a forward step for kids to continue trying the new things.


For adults, cooking is an art and also a science. Adding the spices or tasting the dishes is an interesting thing that the children can be experienced and created. The majority of kids enjoys tasting each of the ingredients that they added. Nothing must worry. There is only flour, baking powder, vanilla, or salt. Sometimes, you can observe the expression on their face. It is awesome, right?

Creativity + confidence + skills

Communication Skills

It will get a myriad of clear communication when preparing and cooking any dishes together. Your love children will be able to enhance the communication skills through you read and guide the recipe (step by step). Based on your communicating modeling, they will follow. At the same time, you are also learning the new things in order to explain to kids. Obviously, this is a vital life skill so that the children may practice and communicate. Inevitably, it will never lose though they have grown.


You can connect your children through working or talking about the recipe, in particular, the things related to pouring, measuring, mixing,… Cooking makes your hands no free, so stories in a day are something interesting. Aside from connecting with kids, there have still many concepts to connect, thanks to cooking. For instance, when failing a recipe, the children will recognize due to the over time, your dish is burned, the non-risen bread through the scientific action, or the added flour is not enough (fundamental math). All will become the foundation so that kids learn from experience.


Most adults don’t have many individual ideas about what they must do, including cooking. Yes, cooking cannot avoid the mess, so it will be excessive if you have the preparation. The cooking speed is not obstructed. Cleaning doesn’t make you lose more effort. Let’s consult the following tips in order to begin cooking with toddlers better:

  • Let’s select a done recipe, instead, a new recipe. Like that, you will not feel surprised or difficult to start, especially when having the contribution of your children.
  • Before beginning a recipe with toddlers, you ought to prepare the necessary ingredients.
  • You can allow children to use a designed knife for kids or a butter knife. Yes, you can teach them how to use the knife safely.
  • To finish a certain time, you should start earlier.
  • It is necessary to prepare for the problems such as spilling, tasting, pouring,…. It tries to let them recognize that beneficial exploration.
  • Fun is core. You should create a happy space when cooking with the toddlers. Let’s connect, observe, and talk to them. It tries to guide the essential things so that they can understand.
The toddlers should do

Cooking with Toddlers – 20 Great Tips Should Know

Tips to cook with toddlers

It will not be a rare image if we see the toddlers bustle as an assistant for their mom in the kitchen. But, not all parents allow their children to take part in cooking with them because of the problems – the kitchen doesn’t spend for kids or everything will become the mess. Nonetheless, on the other side, cooking brings the interesting experience as well as the useful skills for kids. It is important that you must know how to get them into your kitchen.

Do you feel unsure? So, let’s start with the basic things and take them as a foundation. You are not sprinting, so you can perform something in several days and follow your manner. It can say that cooking is an ideal way if you want to build self-respect for kids, enhance the life skills, or increase the confidence.

Though there will have a little mess, you don’t let these ones obstruct. The toddlers will have learned how to measure or stir, especially when having your support. At that time, they are going to like to learn and practice those skills. Let’s consult some below tips, which can help you avoid a little mess.

20 Tips Cannot Ignore When Cooking with Toddlers

Cooking with toddlers

#1 – Aprons for Kids

It is necessary to equip a suitable apron for your children. It ought to choose the size for little ones. If there are some decorated things, it will likely look fun.

#2 – Using Plastic Tablecloth

You can find it in the stores. Yes, a plastic tablecloth is beneficial when you can use it to cover a whole surface of your cooking place. After finish, you only need to take its four corners and throw into the trash in order to remove all unnecessary things. So easy and handy!

#3 – Equip a Damp Towel

This one is necessary. It always has the damp towel put on the faucet so that you can easy to wipe the little hands of your children.

#4 – Keep a garbage

The best is that garbage, which can easily open and close. Like that, the kids are able to throw trash whenever they need, instead of always tracking where they will go.

All parents are especially interested in the safety issue of their children when allowing them to cook together because of a myriad of sharp metal utensils in the kitchen. Correspondingly, a safe environment is necessary.

The safety for kids

#5 – Designated Utensils

Let’s designate a low shelf for kids! Bowls, spices, spoons, chopsticks,… will easily access.

#6 – Provide the Useful Stools

It needs to have the sturdy stool, which enables children to be able to carry around or fold up.

#7 – Wear Non-Slipping Socks

You can buy or make them yourself for kids. The floor is often smooth, so this equipment is to force.

#8 – Have the Pads

The hot pads, trivets, or cooling racks are necessary for a kitchen having children.

#9 – Teach Toddlers How to Use Kitchen Scissors

If you worry about the risks that can occur when using the sharp knives, you can let children scissors in order to cut the vegetables. Looking at, they can cut salad while you slice other ingredients. It’s so great, right?

In fact, the toddlers can do many things in comparison with what you thought if you want to make a recipe. Of course, the mess is difficult to avoid, but nothing of awesome by cooking with kids. Let’s see what they can help you in the kitchen!

Help from toddlers

#10 – Guide How to Measure

To start, you can instruct your children the ingredients and how to add them to the dish.

#11 – Teach How to Make

The children want to know the way to crack an egg, right? Well, it guides them hold two ends, tape it at the central position, and then use their hands to pull both. It is simple, isn’t it?

#12 – How Stirring Is

This task is not too difficult for kids. After you add all necessary ingredients, you can let them mix all ingredients together.

#13 – Let Children Handle the Simple Tasks

It makes sure that your children will not fail if you want them to help you sprinkle a little sesame, peanut, cheese, nuts,… on the surface of dishes.

#14 – Identify the Various Ingredients

This one isn’t also hard. You can entirely identify the ingredients, in particular, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables,… Then, collecting all things is likely. Don’t think the toddler, who don’t know!

The toddlers should do

#15 – Wash Vegetables

This task doesn’t also make difficult your children. You only need to put all in a basket. Looking at, they are washing a perfect way.

#16 – Roll dough

Rolling out the dough is no problem. It takes the hands of the kids and roll. Nothing is complicated.

#17 – Create Fun Shapes

Yes, most children enjoy it. If you are making cookies, they can help you cut into the different shapes. There is also a creative way. They will learn this one.

#18 – Use Effort a Bit

Instead of crushing crackers or cookies by yourself, you can put them in a plastic bag and let your kids crush them. It is certain that many parents will feel happy and surprising when looking at this image.

#19 – Mash Potatoes

The children can mash potatoes. It is real. Yes, not only potatoes but also other root vegetables will be mashed a nice way by their hands.

#20 – Teach How to Use a Vegetable Peeler

Once children know how to utilize a vegetable peeler, they can help you peel a carrot. It should know that carrots are easier to peel than potatoes.

How do you feel about 20 mentioned tips above? Are they useful? It hopes that fathers and mothers without having any experience of cooking with toddlers will get the helpful information through this article. You will know how to cook with your children, which tasks they can follow,… Happy cooking enjoy! It believes that your children will learn the nice things after this interesting experience.


Creating a fun environment

Things to Remember When Cooking with A Toddler

Cooking with a toddler

In the life of the toddler, exploring everything around him is a great thing. His curious hands can make many things become a mess. That is the reason why the parents always give some suitable places. These areas are often safety place to play. Sometimes, you should make some skills in a life for the toddlers. They will become the good habits in his future. There are a lot of ways to help the toddler get familiar to our world quickly. You should not find this in a difficult way. It comes from your kitchen. Cooking with a toddler will be a great memory to think about. You have a plan to cook with the toddler. It is very important to know some essential knowledge. In this article, I will mention the importance and some things to remember when cooking with a toddler. I think that you will help your toddler practice the necessary skills to cook.

Why Do We Cook with The Toddlers?

Cooking is a fun form of education. If a toddler learns to cook at an early age he will be very easy to form the good habits in the future. I will give some reasons why we should cook with the toddlers in the kitchen:

  • You can share some traditional foods which all members of the family often eat. Besides, you also teach the toddler some cooking tips to have the good taste.
  • Beyond that, cooking helps the toddler study a lot of knowledge in the life. Your toddler will learn about:

+        It is a condition to develop the language in a toddler. You can ask him to read the recipe, and name some types of foods, vegetables, or seasonings in the kitchen;

+        Moreover, you should teach the nutritious meals to have a good health;

+        Teaching him how to measure the ingredients in cooking will help the toddler develop the mathematics with the simple lesson;

+        The toddler can study the essential cooking skills such as cutting, mixing, stirring, and filling;

Studying the cooking skills

·         Especially, cooking is the best way to spend time together. You are busy with your jobs on the outside. On the weekends, you arrange the time to cook with your toddler. It is also a recreational activity to have the happy moments each other.

Things to Remember When Cooking with The Toddler

Cooking with a toddler is an activity which you need to spend a lot of time for preparing, teaching, and following. But this also brings the useful things with the toddler. He will develop his creation in the kitchen. So you must know things to remember when cooking with the toddler, right!

1. Making A Plan for The Specific Tasks

There are the plenty of accidents with the toddler. Therefore, you should prepare everything carefully. Firstly, you must make a plan for the specific tasks when your toddler cooks with you in the kitchen. Surely, you will give the simple tasks to him. In addition, the toddler can make a lot of mistakes. At that time, you need to explain as much as possible with the friendly attitude. Here are some friendly ways which you can refer to when having a toddler cook with you:

  • Normally, before cooking, you will prepare all necessary ingredients. You should ask your toddler to stir them. This is a simple activity. Moreover, all of the toddlers feel very excited with this;
  • Also, you can ask your toddler to measure the powder when making the cake. Of course, you must control what he does. During this process, you can mention small lesson relating to the math. For example, you can teach him to count the bowl of the powder.
  • On the other hands, you and your toddler can roll the powder together.
  • Besides, you should encourage the toddler to have the tidy cooking. This is a good thing later. It will become his habit. Throwing the garbage in the wastebasket is the typical example;
  • Finally, you have to think that your toddler is an assistant person with the specific tasks. I am sure that he will very happy when you need his help.

2. Creating A Fun Environment to Cooking with The Toddler

Creating a fun environment

A fun environment in cooking with a toddler does not mean that you play some games with your toddler. Playing games in the kitchen are very dangerous. But during this time, you are busy to guide, explain, and answer a lot of questions from a toddler. All of these should have the natural interactions. You need to create the comfort when he stays in the kitchen with you.

3. Ensuring The Safety of The Toddlers with Some Basic Rules

The safety problem is an important thing which many parents are afraid of to invite their toddler in the kitchen. Although this place has many interesting things but it also has full of danger. Therefore, you can share with him what kitchen utensils can use at the present time. And what will use when he grows to ensure the safety. However, these are not enough to have the safety for a toddler. You need to know more basic rules as follows:

  • Do not let the toddler lay or sit on the floor when you are cooking. Instead, you will choose the solid position to install a chair. A toddler will sit on and start cooking with you;
  • Besides, limit some cooking activities which they relate to the sharp objects, heat, and water. If you want to teach them to your toddler you have to follow during cooking;
  • You need to have an available dry towel for your toddler. Sometimes, the toddler will use it to clean his hands and continue what he does.

In conclusion, we always find out the good solutions to teaching the toddler. In this stage, the toddler can learn quickly because he is very curious about this new world. And cooking with the toddler is a great suggestion which you can try. If you do not know how to start you can refer to some knowledge in this writing. In addition, you will know the importance of cooking with the toddler. Hope that you will like this information.

The comfortable feeling while cooking

How to Teach Toddlers When You Cook with Them

Teaching a toddler to cook

Getting familiar with the cooking, your toddlers will be exploring the world of many colors and abundance of the vegetables. Normally, they include fruits, meat, fish, and shrimp. Beyond that, you also can teach your toddler to make her favorite cakes. With many toddlers, they think cooking is a fun game. As you know, the toddlers often imitate the adults to do some things. But they are also quickly bored. Moreover, there are a lot of accidents in the kitchen. Thus, you need to know how to teach toddlers when you cook with them. You must have some tips to teach them. I will have a brief introduction about cooking with the toddlers. I believe that this information is useful to you.

How to Teach The Toddlers When Cooking with You

Each toddler is very different to understand what you teach. Many parents think that the kitchen is the dangerous place. So, they limit the toddlers to come there. But it is a wrong thinking. When cooking with the toddlers, you will create a good foundation for the good habit of eating. Your toddlers can prepare the simple foods. On the other hands, your toddlers also feel more confident to cooking in the future in his life. I will list 6 basic tips which they are the useful suggestions to teach your toddler to cook with you.

1. Play The Kitchen Toys

Some common activities of toddler

To start cooking with you in the kitchen, you should prepare the kitchen toys. You can name these toys to your toddlers. The toddler can understand your explanations when you repeat a lot of time. Beyond that, you can describe some regular activities such as cutting, washing, and stirring during cooking. They are the basic knowledge in cooking. I make sure that this will be a good start before your toddler cooks with you in the kitchen.

2. Focus on The Easy Recipes

You should forget the complex recipes which you must prepare many steps to cook. Cooking with a toddler, you need to note this. Your toddler will be very fun to receive the final result rapidly. She wants to see what she does. In fact, she will be proud of herself. Of course, the confidence also increases significantly.

In addition, you choose the dishes which they contain many colors. They will create a strong impression to remember the colors in her mind. Through cooking activities, your toddler can study the color quickly. For example, you ask her to take a tomato, mango, salads, watermelon, or an orange. Also, you can guide her how to make a fast drink. Their ingredients will include the fresh juices, salads, and sandwiches. You will let her have a combination all of them. It is simple and makes quickly.

3. Prepare All Necessary Ingredients Before Cooking

Normally, the toddler wants to make the favorite cake. Thus, you can prepare all necessary ingredients. You will have a list. And you should prepare everything carefully. Here are some typical instructions as follows:

Making the cakes

  • Firstly, you will determine what cakes you will teach your toddler. However, you should choose the cake which your child wants to eat. This will be a big motivation for her;
  • Then, buying all ingredients is the best preparation for your recipe;
  • After that, you need to have some kitchen utensils for measuring. You will put them on a table in a kitchen;
  • At that time, you will bring the toddler to join cooking to you.

All of the steps will help you control a toddler in the best way. She is still safety to stay in the kitchen.

4. Let The Toddler Taste What She Cooks Firstly

Tasting is an interesting thing in cooking. You allow your toddler to taste what she just cooks. Through this thing, you will teach her to have the good taste for the dishes. She can get familiar with the different flavors of each food. While the toddler tastes, you can introduce some solutions to improve the common risks when tasting. Although this is not important right now you can add it when your toddler has the mistakes when tasting.

5. Stand The Safety Place

In this age, all of the toddlers like to explore the new things around them. Therefore, they are very curious to touch any things. That is the reason to choose the safety position for your toddler. Especially, you need to control her activities as well as keep the eyes on her while cooking with you. Sometimes, you can ask her to take some things for you. At that time, you must ensure that the toddler always moves the safety area in the kitchen. Even, you can teach her some essential knife skills. They are how to use and how to keep it. However, you must be very careful with this lesson.

6. Create The Comfortable Feeling While Cooking

The comfortable feeling while cooking

Cooking is a necessary skill in a life. The parents should know this to make a plan for teaching the toddlers. Of course, you will give some rules before allowing the toddlers to visit in the kitchen. However, to help the toddler feel fun, you need to create the comfortable feeling during this time. Moreover, your toddler also needs to the plenty of praise from you. Thus, you do not forget to have the compliments when she does well some things. It will be a big motivation to have the effort later.

In summary, we have many ways to teach a toddler when she cooks with us. Depending on the personality of each toddler, you will apply these methods in the best ways. If you want your toddler to learn some habit to cook with you in the kitchen you can refer to these tips. I think that you can add more useful knowledge to teach your toddler when she cooks with you through this article. Hope you contribute your comments about this topic. Your ideas will add more ways to teach the toddlers effectively.

Cleaning the dining table

Some Useful Advice to Cook with Toddlers

Cooking with toddler

Many parents do not want their baby to play in the kitchen. This place is the most dangerous place in the house. There are a lot of kitchen utensils and the sharp tools. Therefore, the parents are afraid of any risks which they can happen with their toddlers. However, many children at this age will have many questions. The children like to discover a new world. This development is good for their awareness. So, the parents should give some chances to feed the toddlers’ curiosity. In fact, there are the various ways which you can apply. Cooking with the toddlers is a typical example. It is fun as well as a great gift for your toddlers. Perhaps, your toddler will feel very happy to have some activities in the kitchen with your consent. In this writing, I will share some useful advice. I think that you will get more knowledge to teach your toddlers to stay this place safely. In addition, the toddler also has some memorable activities in his life.

Some Useful Advice to Cook with Your Toddler

Surely, your toddler will be very excited when cooking with the parents. He has a good opportunity to explore this world around him. Through these activities, you will teach him many invaluable skills. Where do you start to bring the interesting things for cooking with toddlers? You will know the necessary information after referring to six following tips:

1. Teaching Right Cooking Hygiene

The cooking hygiene is the most important lesson which you should teach your toddler firstly. When cooking, you also often pay attention to the hygiene element. This relates to health. Moreover, your toddler will know that this is the first thing to do before cooking. He will make this good habit in a lifetime. Here is some right cooking hygiene for your toddlers such as:

  • Firstly, you teach the toddler to wash his hands before and after cooking;
  • Then, the hair of the toddler must be neat. This will limit any accident relating to the hair during cooking;
  • Next, you will wear a small apron for your toddler. He will like too much when wearing it. With an apron, it will help the toddler clean;

Wearing the small apron

  • Finally, you also can teach him to wash some utensils after cooking completely.

2. Guiding The General Concepts

Many things in the kitchen will make your toddler have a lot of questions. Thus, you must prepare to answer and explain the general concepts all cooking utensils. This is a normal thing. You should talk in the simple ways. Your toddler needs the time to understand and remember what he thinks. When needing a bowl of sugar as a cooking recipe, you guide him how to measure it. After that, you can ask him do make again. In the first time, he will do it very difficult. Even, the sugar can spill outside. Do not worry! He will make it better with your guidance and a little practice.

Additionally, there are a lot of words to describe your cooking. They include fold, rear, sauté, and blanch. Your toddler does not understand what you say. You need to explain these words. But you should limit to use the jargon as much as possible. It is better to say the simple words. Cooking with you is not only the wonderful thing for him but also to widen the vocabulary of your toddler effectively.

Beyond that, you must ensure that you must cover all activities of the toddler. You can control him well. This will ensure the kitchen safety. When he touches any appliances you must know and handle timely. Touching the boiling water and playing with knives are the common cases.

3. Giving The Suitable Tools for Your Toddler

Before you cook with the toddler you should prepare some kitchen utensils for him. They must have the small sizes and the plastic cups. I am sure that your toddler will be happier to hold and use them. Moreover, this also helps him be easier to use. There are the plenty of choices for you to buy the kid- sized utensils at some stores.

4. Preparing A Recipe with Your Toddler

Cooking the toddlers’ favorite cake

To cook with a toddler, you should cook the simple food. You can make the cake which it is the kind of his favorite cake. You will guide how to measure, how to wash, and how to stir all ingredients. At that time, you will teach him to do all steps as a recipe. Surely, he will be very proud of himself after he just completes a new task.

5. Creating Fun While Cooking

Normally, a toddler wants to help you a lot of things while cooking. Thus, you should let him help with the easy steps such as crack eggs, create the interesting shapes for cakes, and sprinkle cheese. Sometimes, he will have some mistakes and spill something on the floor. You still explain and create fun during cooking. Do not forget to say thank after he helps you cook.

6. Cleaning The Kitchen Utensils After Cooking

The good habits are important in the life. Therefore, you must teach him to clean all simple tools after cooking. You can ask him to arrange spoons, forks, and plates on the dining table. You also teach the toddler how to keep the chopsticks in the right position. Sweeping the floor is a necessary thing which you can allow him to help.

Cleaning the dining table

In short, cooking with your toddler can help him know the interesting things about this world. Through these activities, the toddler will learn some useful skills and develop the language significantly. On the other hands, your toddler feels more confident to cook with you in the next time. This will increase the self-esteem and the independence in the toddler a lot. I hope that 6 basic advice above are the essential knowledge which the parents need to know when cooking with toddlers. Wish you have the great time to cook with your toddler!

Eating the salmon

Should Add 7 Healthy Nutrition Foods for Kids

Healthy foods for kids

Some problems relating to kid’s health is very important thing with many parents. The nutrient for kids is one of the necessary factors which the parents often pay attention to the development of their children. Even, a lot of mothers find out the tasty recipes. Moreover, these tasty recipes must have all essential nutrients which the kid’s body needs in every stage of development. They contain the several nutritious foods in each meal for the kid. Actually, you just type what you want to find on the internet. You will get the relating information quickly. Moreover, you will get the useful comments from other mothers. They will share some healthy nutrition foods for kids. You can choose the most suitable recipes to cook for your child. Although there are the different delicious foods you should not forget 7 healthy foods for kids. I think that your kids will love to eat these foods too much. All of them will mention in this article. Please take your time to read these useful things.

Seven Healthy Nutrition Foods for Kids

Each kid will have the different favorite foods. The daily eating habits will be the important factor to deciding this. I am sure that the parents always encourage the child to eat the healthy nutrition foods. The nutrient problem in kids plays an important role which it will affect the development in the future. According to the nutritious experts, they give a lot of nutrition foods. But you should add 7 healthy nutrition foods for kids. They are very popular foods today.

1. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a rich of nutrients, fibers, and other essential fatty acids. Recently, many studies showed that the flaxseed can prevent some common diseases. They include the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Especially, the flaxseed contains the full of Omega-3. It is the good fatty acid which it is the very necessary for the development of the brain. Therefore, you can use this type of the nut in the kid meal.

2. Tofu

Vitamin B and the calcium

Before you add the food into your kid meal, you often consider its nutritious value. I think so. It is a pity if you skip the tofu. In the tofu, it contains a lot of nutrients. Here are some examples for you:

  • Tofu is known a great source of vitamins and proteins. There are a lot of vitamin B and calcium. They are the good nutrients for kids to eat. They will be good to developing the bone health in kids;
  • Beyond that, there are a lot of irons. This nutrition will contribute the formation of the blood in the body.

Therefore, you try to add the tofu in the kid meal. In the first stage, he maybe is difficult to eat. It is soft and strange taste. But you can cook it with the various dishes. I believe that the tofu will be very good taste to eat when it combines the seasoning. I promise that your child will ask to eat more and more.

3. Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is very easy to buy. It is also one of the most nutritious vegetables to eat. And it is not expensive to eat regularly. In fact, many adults want to eat the sweet potato. Your kids will get some benefits when eating such as:

  • The plenty of vitamin A in the sweet potato will help your kid have the healthy eyes.
  • Besides, there is the antioxidant in the body. The fibers also need to have.

Normally, many people choose the sweet potato to cook the soup for the babies because it has the natural sweetness. After that, they also forget this food when the babies grow up.

4. Yogurt

To have the healthy stomach, it is very necessary to add the good bacteria. It is the probiotic. Yogurt will be the best choice for your kids. Nowadays, there are a lot of yogurt products for the selection on the market. But you should choose the yogurt which it has less sugar. Each yogurt every day, it is a good thing to enhance the beneficial bacteria in the kids’ gut. Moreover, in yogurt, it also contains the calcium. It is very good to develop the bone.

5. Salmon

Eating the salmon

Salmon is a good source of the protein. It is a high quality. With the wild salmon, the nutrition is higher. Omega -3 fatty acids will be good for the brain development and the heart health. Comparing other fishes, the salmon also contains the mercury. But it is considered one of the five fish which it has the lowest in mercury.

6. Avocado

Avocado contains the monounsaturated fats. This fat is a very necessary diet in the daily meal of the kids. You should add this fruit in the early stage in the kids. They will provide the good fats for the development in kids.

7. Mango

Vitamin C in the mango will bring a lot of benefits for the kid health. So, this fruit will contribute to keeping the healthy immune system in kids. The mango is the good fruit to eat. It provides about 3 grams of fiber with 100 calories. Your kids can enjoy the fresh mango. Or you can make the mango juice. It is the popular way to eat this fruit.

Drink the mango juice


In short, many nutrition foods for kids will help the buyers be easy to choose. Actually, there are many vegetables and fruits on the market.  How to know its nutrition food is the important thing. Through this writing, you can get more nutritious knowledge. From there, you will choose these foods for your kid meal. I hope that you will know what nutrition foods for kids. And I also believe that your child will develop in the healthy ways. Seven healthy nutrition foods will the great reference about the food for kids.