The Interesting Experience When Cooking with Toddlers

Cooking with your child

Cooking is a messy activity, but it is pretty interesting. The most is only to prepare one or two dishes to eat along the road. With a simple meal, you can send your kids to play while you are cooking. Nevertheless, if there is a forethought meal, you can consider to allow your children to join. Yes, you’ll be able to take a little time for cooking, but the children will have a great experience throughout it.

Parents can connect plenty of disciplines throughout cooking with toddlers. There is not simply creating a specific food, but you can still teach them to follow in a scientific way. The children will learn the time-counting skills, the creativity, the fundamental math, the selection of foods,…, especially, the relationship between mother and kid also becomes more cohesive. Actually, nothing is awesome compared to cooking with toddlers, right?

Cooking with Toddlers – Nothing Short of Awesome

Action in a Scientific Manner

Even though the kids don’t likely grasp the complicated problems that are explained by the chemical things, they will put a myriad of questions related to the preparation and the way to cook. What is going to happen if you add a lot of baking powder to your bread? We don’t likely add salt to the dough to make cookies, do we? And more.

Follow the basic things

Basic Math

While you are preparing the ingredients for your recipe, you can tell a detailed way on the added things. Frequently, the recipes will consist of the fractions, along with the measured ingredients in the volume (both dry and wet) and the weight. When the kids have contacted these ideas as well as they are seen the real number in the life, this one contributes to set up a fundamental foundation on math for children.

Understanding Time

The concept related to time is not easy to grasp, especially, for the kids. Nonetheless, setting a timer and waiting for its alert will be a real experience that your children will begin forming the basic understanding on the abstract things.

Pre-Literacy & Reading Foundations

Instead of telling a story in order to increase the vocabulary for kids, you can loudly read your recipes. Like that, thanks to listening to the new words, you will put themselves in the different instructions. When you read from top to bottom or from left to right, you should press and reinforce the fundamental literacy. For kids, there is a new format so as to practice the ability to read through the recipes.

The healthy food choice

Select the Healthy Foods

Yes, the children also want to know which foods are good and bad. It is necessary to guide a good food for kids because they often eat something that they are holding on their hand even when they only hold without tasting. Picking up the healthy foods (salty, sweet, or fatty) when preparing or while cooking contributes to building a healthy habit before eating. Of course, this one will still be continued until they have grown.

Make Confidence

Let’s try the simple recipes without too complicated! For the preschoolers or toddlers, the first is to have to set up something success what they can perform and build themselves for a meal. Like that, their confidence will be formed. There is a forward step for kids to continue trying the new things.


For adults, cooking is an art and also a science. Adding the spices or tasting the dishes is an interesting thing that the children can be experienced and created. The majority of kids enjoys tasting each of the ingredients that they added. Nothing must worry. There is only flour, baking powder, vanilla, or salt. Sometimes, you can observe the expression on their face. It is awesome, right?

Creativity + confidence + skills

Communication Skills

It will get a myriad of clear communication when preparing and cooking any dishes together. Your love children will be able to enhance the communication skills through you read and guide the recipe (step by step). Based on your communicating modeling, they will follow. At the same time, you are also learning the new things in order to explain to kids. Obviously, this is a vital life skill so that the children may practice and communicate. Inevitably, it will never lose though they have grown.


You can connect your children through working or talking about the recipe, in particular, the things related to pouring, measuring, mixing,… Cooking makes your hands no free, so stories in a day are something interesting. Aside from connecting with kids, there have still many concepts to connect, thanks to cooking. For instance, when failing a recipe, the children will recognize due to the over time, your dish is burned, the non-risen bread through the scientific action, or the added flour is not enough (fundamental math). All will become the foundation so that kids learn from experience.


Most adults don’t have many individual ideas about what they must do, including cooking. Yes, cooking cannot avoid the mess, so it will be excessive if you have the preparation. The cooking speed is not obstructed. Cleaning doesn’t make you lose more effort. Let’s consult the following tips in order to begin cooking with toddlers better:

  • Let’s select a done recipe, instead, a new recipe. Like that, you will not feel surprised or difficult to start, especially when having the contribution of your children.
  • Before beginning a recipe with toddlers, you ought to prepare the necessary ingredients.
  • You can allow children to use a designed knife for kids or a butter knife. Yes, you can teach them how to use the knife safely.
  • To finish a certain time, you should start earlier.
  • It is necessary to prepare for the problems such as spilling, tasting, pouring,…. It tries to let them recognize that beneficial exploration.
  • Fun is core. You should create a happy space when cooking with the toddlers. Let’s connect, observe, and talk to them. It tries to guide the essential things so that they can understand.