Some Useful Advice to Cook with Toddlers

Cooking with toddler

Many parents do not want their baby to play in the kitchen. This place is the most dangerous place in the house. There are a lot of kitchen utensils and the sharp tools. Therefore, the parents are afraid of any risks which they can happen with their toddlers. However, many children at this age will have many questions. The children like to discover a new world. This development is good for their awareness. So, the parents should give some chances to feed the toddlers’ curiosity. In fact, there are the various ways which you can apply. Cooking with the toddlers is a typical example. It is fun as well as a great gift for your toddlers. Perhaps, your toddler will feel very happy to have some activities in the kitchen with your consent. In this writing, I will share some useful advice. I think that you will get more knowledge to teach your toddlers to stay this place safely. In addition, the toddler also has some memorable activities in his life.

Some Useful Advice to Cook with Your Toddler

Surely, your toddler will be very excited when cooking with the parents. He has a good opportunity to explore this world around him. Through these activities, you will teach him many invaluable skills. Where do you start to bring the interesting things for cooking with toddlers? You will know the necessary information after referring to six following tips:

1. Teaching Right Cooking Hygiene

The cooking hygiene is the most important lesson which you should teach your toddler firstly. When cooking, you also often pay attention to the hygiene element. This relates to health. Moreover, your toddler will know that this is the first thing to do before cooking. He will make this good habit in a lifetime. Here is some right cooking hygiene for your toddlers such as:

  • Firstly, you teach the toddler to wash his hands before and after cooking;
  • Then, the hair of the toddler must be neat. This will limit any accident relating to the hair during cooking;
  • Next, you will wear a small apron for your toddler. He will like too much when wearing it. With an apron, it will help the toddler clean;

Wearing the small apron

  • Finally, you also can teach him to wash some utensils after cooking completely.

2. Guiding The General Concepts

Many things in the kitchen will make your toddler have a lot of questions. Thus, you must prepare to answer and explain the general concepts all cooking utensils. This is a normal thing. You should talk in the simple ways. Your toddler needs the time to understand and remember what he thinks. When needing a bowl of sugar as a cooking recipe, you guide him how to measure it. After that, you can ask him do make again. In the first time, he will do it very difficult. Even, the sugar can spill outside. Do not worry! He will make it better with your guidance and a little practice.

Additionally, there are a lot of words to describe your cooking. They include fold, rear, sauté, and blanch. Your toddler does not understand what you say. You need to explain these words. But you should limit to use the jargon as much as possible. It is better to say the simple words. Cooking with you is not only the wonderful thing for him but also to widen the vocabulary of your toddler effectively.

Beyond that, you must ensure that you must cover all activities of the toddler. You can control him well. This will ensure the kitchen safety. When he touches any appliances you must know and handle timely. Touching the boiling water and playing with knives are the common cases.

3. Giving The Suitable Tools for Your Toddler

Before you cook with the toddler you should prepare some kitchen utensils for him. They must have the small sizes and the plastic cups. I am sure that your toddler will be happier to hold and use them. Moreover, this also helps him be easier to use. There are the plenty of choices for you to buy the kid- sized utensils at some stores.

4. Preparing A Recipe with Your Toddler

Cooking the toddlers’ favorite cake

To cook with a toddler, you should cook the simple food. You can make the cake which it is the kind of his favorite cake. You will guide how to measure, how to wash, and how to stir all ingredients. At that time, you will teach him to do all steps as a recipe. Surely, he will be very proud of himself after he just completes a new task.

5. Creating Fun While Cooking

Normally, a toddler wants to help you a lot of things while cooking. Thus, you should let him help with the easy steps such as crack eggs, create the interesting shapes for cakes, and sprinkle cheese. Sometimes, he will have some mistakes and spill something on the floor. You still explain and create fun during cooking. Do not forget to say thank after he helps you cook.

6. Cleaning The Kitchen Utensils After Cooking

The good habits are important in the life. Therefore, you must teach him to clean all simple tools after cooking. You can ask him to arrange spoons, forks, and plates on the dining table. You also teach the toddler how to keep the chopsticks in the right position. Sweeping the floor is a necessary thing which you can allow him to help.

Cleaning the dining table

In short, cooking with your toddler can help him know the interesting things about this world. Through these activities, the toddler will learn some useful skills and develop the language significantly. On the other hands, your toddler feels more confident to cook with you in the next time. This will increase the self-esteem and the independence in the toddler a lot. I hope that 6 basic advice above are the essential knowledge which the parents need to know when cooking with toddlers. Wish you have the great time to cook with your toddler!