How to Teach Toddlers When You Cook with Them

Teaching a toddler to cook

Getting familiar with the cooking, your toddlers will be exploring the world of many colors and abundance of the vegetables. Normally, they include fruits, meat, fish, and shrimp. Beyond that, you also can teach your toddler to make her favorite cakes. With many toddlers, they think cooking is a fun game. As you know, the toddlers often imitate the adults to do some things. But they are also quickly bored. Moreover, there are a lot of accidents in the kitchen. Thus, you need to know how to teach toddlers when you cook with them. You must have some tips to teach them. I will have a brief introduction about cooking with the toddlers. I believe that this information is useful to you.

How to Teach The Toddlers When Cooking with You

Each toddler is very different to understand what you teach. Many parents think that the kitchen is the dangerous place. So, they limit the toddlers to come there. But it is a wrong thinking. When cooking with the toddlers, you will create a good foundation for the good habit of eating. Your toddlers can prepare the simple foods. On the other hands, your toddlers also feel more confident to cooking in the future in his life. I will list 6 basic tips which they are the useful suggestions to teach your toddler to cook with you.

1. Play The Kitchen Toys

Some common activities of toddler

To start cooking with you in the kitchen, you should prepare the kitchen toys. You can name these toys to your toddlers. The toddler can understand your explanations when you repeat a lot of time. Beyond that, you can describe some regular activities such as cutting, washing, and stirring during cooking. They are the basic knowledge in cooking. I make sure that this will be a good start before your toddler cooks with you in the kitchen.

2. Focus on The Easy Recipes

You should forget the complex recipes which you must prepare many steps to cook. Cooking with a toddler, you need to note this. Your toddler will be very fun to receive the final result rapidly. She wants to see what she does. In fact, she will be proud of herself. Of course, the confidence also increases significantly.

In addition, you choose the dishes which they contain many colors. They will create a strong impression to remember the colors in her mind. Through cooking activities, your toddler can study the color quickly. For example, you ask her to take a tomato, mango, salads, watermelon, or an orange. Also, you can guide her how to make a fast drink. Their ingredients will include the fresh juices, salads, and sandwiches. You will let her have a combination all of them. It is simple and makes quickly.

3. Prepare All Necessary Ingredients Before Cooking

Normally, the toddler wants to make the favorite cake. Thus, you can prepare all necessary ingredients. You will have a list. And you should prepare everything carefully. Here are some typical instructions as follows:

Making the cakes

  • Firstly, you will determine what cakes you will teach your toddler. However, you should choose the cake which your child wants to eat. This will be a big motivation for her;
  • Then, buying all ingredients is the best preparation for your recipe;
  • After that, you need to have some kitchen utensils for measuring. You will put them on a table in a kitchen;
  • At that time, you will bring the toddler to join cooking to you.

All of the steps will help you control a toddler in the best way. She is still safety to stay in the kitchen.

4. Let The Toddler Taste What She Cooks Firstly

Tasting is an interesting thing in cooking. You allow your toddler to taste what she just cooks. Through this thing, you will teach her to have the good taste for the dishes. She can get familiar with the different flavors of each food. While the toddler tastes, you can introduce some solutions to improve the common risks when tasting. Although this is not important right now you can add it when your toddler has the mistakes when tasting.

5. Stand The Safety Place

In this age, all of the toddlers like to explore the new things around them. Therefore, they are very curious to touch any things. That is the reason to choose the safety position for your toddler. Especially, you need to control her activities as well as keep the eyes on her while cooking with you. Sometimes, you can ask her to take some things for you. At that time, you must ensure that the toddler always moves the safety area in the kitchen. Even, you can teach her some essential knife skills. They are how to use and how to keep it. However, you must be very careful with this lesson.

6. Create The Comfortable Feeling While Cooking

The comfortable feeling while cooking

Cooking is a necessary skill in a life. The parents should know this to make a plan for teaching the toddlers. Of course, you will give some rules before allowing the toddlers to visit in the kitchen. However, to help the toddler feel fun, you need to create the comfortable feeling during this time. Moreover, your toddler also needs to the plenty of praise from you. Thus, you do not forget to have the compliments when she does well some things. It will be a big motivation to have the effort later.

In summary, we have many ways to teach a toddler when she cooks with us. Depending on the personality of each toddler, you will apply these methods in the best ways. If you want your toddler to learn some habit to cook with you in the kitchen you can refer to these tips. I think that you can add more useful knowledge to teach your toddler when she cooks with you through this article. Hope you contribute your comments about this topic. Your ideas will add more ways to teach the toddlers effectively.