Cooking with Toddlers – 20 Great Tips Should Know

Tips to cook with toddlers

It will not be a rare image if we see the toddlers bustle as an assistant for their mom in the kitchen. But, not all parents allow their children to take part in cooking with them because of the problems – the kitchen doesn’t spend for kids or everything will become the mess. Nonetheless, on the other side, cooking brings the interesting experience as well as the useful skills for kids. It is important that you must know how to get them into your kitchen.

Do you feel unsure? So, let’s start with the basic things and take them as a foundation. You are not sprinting, so you can perform something in several days and follow your manner. It can say that cooking is an ideal way if you want to build self-respect for kids, enhance the life skills, or increase the confidence.

Though there will have a little mess, you don’t let these ones obstruct. The toddlers will have learned how to measure or stir, especially when having your support. At that time, they are going to like to learn and practice those skills. Let’s consult some below tips, which can help you avoid a little mess.

20 Tips Cannot Ignore When Cooking with Toddlers

Cooking with toddlers

#1 – Aprons for Kids

It is necessary to equip a suitable apron for your children. It ought to choose the size for little ones. If there are some decorated things, it will likely look fun.

#2 – Using Plastic Tablecloth

You can find it in the stores. Yes, a plastic tablecloth is beneficial when you can use it to cover a whole surface of your cooking place. After finish, you only need to take its four corners and throw into the trash in order to remove all unnecessary things. So easy and handy!

#3 – Equip a Damp Towel

This one is necessary. It always has the damp towel put on the faucet so that you can easy to wipe the little hands of your children.

#4 – Keep a garbage

The best is that garbage, which can easily open and close. Like that, the kids are able to throw trash whenever they need, instead of always tracking where they will go.

All parents are especially interested in the safety issue of their children when allowing them to cook together because of a myriad of sharp metal utensils in the kitchen. Correspondingly, a safe environment is necessary.

The safety for kids

#5 – Designated Utensils

Let’s designate a low shelf for kids! Bowls, spices, spoons, chopsticks,… will easily access.

#6 – Provide the Useful Stools

It needs to have the sturdy stool, which enables children to be able to carry around or fold up.

#7 – Wear Non-Slipping Socks

You can buy or make them yourself for kids. The floor is often smooth, so this equipment is to force.

#8 – Have the Pads

The hot pads, trivets, or cooling racks are necessary for a kitchen having children.

#9 – Teach Toddlers How to Use Kitchen Scissors

If you worry about the risks that can occur when using the sharp knives, you can let children scissors in order to cut the vegetables. Looking at, they can cut salad while you slice other ingredients. It’s so great, right?

In fact, the toddlers can do many things in comparison with what you thought if you want to make a recipe. Of course, the mess is difficult to avoid, but nothing of awesome by cooking with kids. Let’s see what they can help you in the kitchen!

Help from toddlers

#10 – Guide How to Measure

To start, you can instruct your children the ingredients and how to add them to the dish.

#11 – Teach How to Make

The children want to know the way to crack an egg, right? Well, it guides them hold two ends, tape it at the central position, and then use their hands to pull both. It is simple, isn’t it?

#12 – How Stirring Is

This task is not too difficult for kids. After you add all necessary ingredients, you can let them mix all ingredients together.

#13 – Let Children Handle the Simple Tasks

It makes sure that your children will not fail if you want them to help you sprinkle a little sesame, peanut, cheese, nuts,… on the surface of dishes.

#14 – Identify the Various Ingredients

This one isn’t also hard. You can entirely identify the ingredients, in particular, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables,… Then, collecting all things is likely. Don’t think the toddler, who don’t know!

The toddlers should do

#15 – Wash Vegetables

This task doesn’t also make difficult your children. You only need to put all in a basket. Looking at, they are washing a perfect way.

#16 – Roll dough

Rolling out the dough is no problem. It takes the hands of the kids and roll. Nothing is complicated.

#17 – Create Fun Shapes

Yes, most children enjoy it. If you are making cookies, they can help you cut into the different shapes. There is also a creative way. They will learn this one.

#18 – Use Effort a Bit

Instead of crushing crackers or cookies by yourself, you can put them in a plastic bag and let your kids crush them. It is certain that many parents will feel happy and surprising when looking at this image.

#19 – Mash Potatoes

The children can mash potatoes. It is real. Yes, not only potatoes but also other root vegetables will be mashed a nice way by their hands.

#20 – Teach How to Use a Vegetable Peeler

Once children know how to utilize a vegetable peeler, they can help you peel a carrot. It should know that carrots are easier to peel than potatoes.

How do you feel about 20 mentioned tips above? Are they useful? It hopes that fathers and mothers without having any experience of cooking with toddlers will get the helpful information through this article. You will know how to cook with your children, which tasks they can follow,… Happy cooking enjoy! It believes that your children will learn the nice things after this interesting experience.